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What can we be ... ?

Humans have evolved from primates, so we all believe. However, since all things evolve to fit several purposes what do you think humans will evolve into now?
Take into consideration the several purposes that species evolve to accomodate. Such as in humanities case, we evolved from the primate to be better able to survive. The gifts of preconcievable thought, better comunication abilities, stronger more agile bodies in terms of speed and versatility, all these gifts were meant to produce the effect of better survivle. However we continued to evolve and civilization was born, for human genes determined this new mutation of community welfare to be a more able way to survive. But humans do not face those exact situations anymore, in fact our situation changes far more rapidly than our bodies can evolve. We now face survival at different levels, such as survival within the structure of society, survival in a word full of excessively powerful killing devices, survival against the increasingly intelligent minds of our enemies both out of country and wihtin out own.
There are far more factors to consider, however I have a time limit here and it is soon to be exhausted.
State not only your answers but also the factors that I have not stated here. If you would please.
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